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Trusts, Wills & Estates


It is never too early for estate planning. Whether you are approaching retirement or just starting a new family, proper estate planning can protect your loved ones, reduce taxes and preserve your wealth before and after death.


The key to maximizing your estate planning is to uncover what is most important to you now and into the future.


With over 40 years of experience practicing Trusts & Estates law, our firm’s attorneys can help you address any questions or matters that are important to you.

Trusts Vs. Wills

What is a Trust?


  • A Trust is a legal document that is similar to a Will, but can take effect immediately.

  • When you pass, the assets in a Trust can be distributed faster than when using a Will.

  • Trusts can assist with Estate Planning and Privacy. In addition, a Trust can be used to help manage your assets during your lifetime and after you pass.

What is a Will?


  • A Will determines what happens to your property when you pass.

  • The Will allocates your belongings to whomever you choose after you pass.

  • Wills should be updated regularly based on life events, wealth accumulation and changes in law.

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Our Trusts, Wills & Estates Services

Estate Planning


  • Reviewing the nature and extent of assets, family relationships, intentions and objectives, including any charitable bequests being considered.

  • Reviewing estate tax consequences and planning to minimize or avoid estate tax.

  • Drafting wills, health care proxies, living wills and trust agreements.


Estate Administration


  • Filing necessary forms in Surrogate’s Court to appoint the estate’s personal representative whether that be an executor or administrator.

  • Working with the estate’s personal representative to ensure that all tax filings, both income tax and estate tax, are properly and timely filed.

  • Assisting in the collection, transfer and distribution of estate assets.


Trust Administration

Advising and consulting with corporate and individual trustees concerning their fiduciary duties including the preparation of trust accountings; and consulting with beneficiaries concerning trust administration matters.


Estate Litigation

Assisting clients in all phases of probate and trust litigation including probate or contesting a will, interpreting or reforming the terms of a will or trust, representing a fiduciary in filing and defending an accounting proceeding or filing objections to a fiduciary’s accounting on behalf of a beneficiary.


If you have any questions or seek legal advice or assistance in the areas of Trust and/or Estates please contact us using the form below or call Martin Klein, Esq. at 646-845-6085.

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